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The Company is very respectful about the privacy concerns of the visitors to this site on the Internet. As a general policy, no personal information is automatically collected from visitors to this site. However, certain non-personal information of visitors is recorded by the standard operation of the Company’s Internet servers. This information is primarily used to provide an enhanced online experience for the visitor. Information tracked includes the type of browser being used by the visitor (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer), the type of operating system (e.g., Macintosh, Windows) in use by the visitor and the domain name of the visitor’s Internet service provider (e.g., Verizon, ATT&T). By having this information, Web pages optimized for a particular visitor’s computer is automatically available to that visitor. Other uses of this information include internal review of the number of visitors to the site but only in an aggregate and non-personally-identifiable form. Other personally identifiable data about visitors to this site are known to the Company only when voluntarily submitted.

Personally identifiable information that is collected in connection with visitors voluntarily filling out forms is retained by the Company and the member to whom the visitor is referred and is not sold or otherwise transferred outside the company. However, this data in an aggregate form may be provided to other parties for marketing, advertising or other uses. We may sometimes also use email addresses and other personally identifiable information to contact visitors who communicate with us. For example, we direct email to visitors who provide us with their email addresses for specific purposes such as being notified if they have won one of our contests.

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